Transform Esthetics is here for exactly that - to help you transform into the beautiful butterfly you were meant to be. I have been in the beauty industry for a very long time and I have been waiting for the therapy that will outdo other therapies. The thing that is based on science and will correct skin irregularities without injecting chemicals. Something that will cause more good than harm. Something that will allow a woman/man's natural beauty to shine through without huge expense or downtime. Something that will knock back the clock. There hasn’t been much to excite me for a very long time, till now!

not only treats the skin on the face but the neck, decollete and hands. Watch the video of the treatment @ www.dermatudemetatherapy.com.

using a surgical microscope and Apilus Computerized Machine eliminates unwanted hair no matter what colour it is. Even blonde or white/gray hair is easily treatable and permanently removed.

It is with the utmost integrity I will help you achieve your goals.
With love and gratitude

"I highly recommend dermatude therapy as an effective, customized anti-aging treatment. After the initial 4 treatments, I saw noticeable improvements in skin elasticity, a reduction in fine wrinkles, and a more refined skin tone. By my fifth treatment, the skin tightening effect and collagen growth produced by the treatments became dramatically visible. I have been a client of Kathleen Barker for the past 4 years. Kathleen is a trusted professional who will work closely with you to meet your specific needs."


"My first appointment with Kathleen was in 2004 when she did electrolysis on my upper lip. We continued with my eyebrows and finished up with my bikini. I later referred my daughters to her. Both were thrilled with the results. Now...nine years later, I have returned for a clean-up. I have always felt confident with Kathleen's work. She is very gentle and conducts herself in a very professional manner. ou can tell Kathleen enjoys what she does and wants her clients to be happy with her work. I would recommend Kathleen to anyone"